The Knot is your one-stop-shop for all of your wedding needs from dresses to vendors and from checklists to venues, they've got you covered for your big day. The DJ Firm is a trusted "The Knot" vendor promising to offer wedding, corporate and private clients an unforgettable time. Check out some of our top reviews on and book your wedding with us today. A case won is a dance floor packed, and The DJ Firm has a perfect record!

MILLER + MILLER Photography

MILLER + MILLER Photography


The DJ Firm specializes in many private events including; weddings. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples as they plan out their incredibly special day. Although our main focus is executing an experience that will last a lifetime through music at your wedding; we can't help but notice many new trends popping up. One trend being; candy buffets. What better way to excite your guests than offering an array of your favorite candy and sweet treats in the form of a candy buffet! Chicago based company; The Candy Bar, has you covered. They will work with you to customize the perfect candy bar for your wedding, and it will be the perfect sweet ending to a beautiful beginning. 

Find them on Facebook and Instagram @thecandybarchi. 

Find them on Facebook and Instagram @thecandybarchi. 

The Candy Bar's littlest supporter!

The Candy Bar's littlest supporter!



The DJ Firm has had the opportunity to collaborate with one of Chicago's hottest and growing fitness studios in the city. You can regularly find DJ SYE YOUNG rocking a live DJ class at Shred's South Loop location or JEM jamming in the suburbs at Shred's Hinsdale location. This 60-minute, instructor led class is based on interval training between treadmill and floor exercises and will leave you feeling fired-up and strong. If you can't catch one of their live DJ classes, don't worry, many of the mixes you'll hear during your session were created by TDF. Our goal is to have the music you hear keep you moving and motivated, check out one of their classes today and find DJ SYE YOUNG turning up a live DJ class at the South Loop location on Friday, January 5th!

DJ SYE YOUNG w/ SHRED415 founders Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer.

DJ SYE YOUNG w/ SHRED415 founders Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer.

JEM participating in a SHRED415 class at their Hinsdale location. 

JEM participating in a SHRED415 class at their Hinsdale location. 


The Top 5 Questions to Ask your DJ

DJ Heavy @roofonthewit cc: @themusictrust

DJ Heavy @roofonthewit cc: @themusictrust

How long have you been doing this professionally? 

You want to make sure your DJ has a history of packing dance floors, and keeping them packed before hiring them. Ask to come and see us prior to your event to get an idea of what to expect! 

What sets you apart from your competition?

We should have at least three solid responses. Our DJ's come from many different backgrounds and have unique talents that set them apart from each other. Let us sell ourselves to you!

How do you customize the music experience? 

Our main goal is to make this event perfect for you based on your preferences. After all, this is your soundtrack and we want to help create a memory that will last a lifetime! 

What do you do to prepare for a successful event?

We want to know what will put your mind at ease. We will meet with you prior to your event, check out the event space in advance and come prepared with our tech guys!

Why should we choose you?

That answer is simple for us, because we are TDF!


The DJ Firm Story

From Big Boy Music to The DJ Firm, Carlington Young and Eric Sampson have come a long way since their early years on the Chicago DJ scene. You might know them as DJ Sye Young and Jem, owners of TDF.

Eric and Carl met in high school where their passion for music and DJing took off. They went from renting out venues to throw parties in college to being hired at some of Chicago's hottest venues. One of their first gigs was at Fitz's Pub in Elmhurst, IL back in 2003, now they can be found spinning all over the mid-west. 

Carl and Eric circa 2008.

Carl and Eric circa 2008.

In 2013, Carl decided to take his business to the next level and had a vision for something that would make an impact on the Chicago DJ industry. He teamed up with Eric and the two of them created The DJ Firm. Since 2013, they have rapidly expanded, not only in the nightlife industry, but in the wedding scene, event production and continue to make connections in the corporate world. They've hired on some of the most talented DJ's to join the TDF team and continue to lock-in new clients every day. 


The bottom line is; if you want your event executed, you want TDF. 


Chicago's newest trend; pop-ups. Chicago's newest pop- up; Frosty's Christmas Bar!

What you need to know...

Purchase tickets ahead of time as they have limited walk-in availability, ticket prices are very reasonable and they offer individual and group sales. Wednesday-Thursday hours are 6pm-12am, Friday-Sunday the party rocks from 5pm-4am. Don't forget to wear your best holiday attire, get ready for their festive holiday drinks, and practice your pose with Santa because--he's there. 

The staff is super friendly, the decorations are incredible and, most importantly, the music is provided by TDF! Grab your friends and family and mark your calendars now because they are only in town through January 7, 2018 and you do not want to be the only person who didn't experience Frosty's for the holidays!

It's true; the tree isn't the only thing lit this Christmas! Visit their website here;





Here are some of the top mixes to keep you moving for this year Chicago Marathon! Four 60 minute mixes filled with all your favorite pop, rock, old school and top 40 jams! We definitely want to give a big shout out to the CEO of Asweatlife and our partner on this project Jeana Anderson Cohen! Thank you for your support and good luck to everyone participating in this years Chicago Marathon! PLAY, LISTEN, RUN