If there’s one thing The DJ Firm knows, it’s how to throw a party. With experienced DJ’s crushing some of the hottest nightclubs, the only thing better, is when you get them all at the same nightclub, at the same time. We introduce to you; TDF Takeovers! They don’t happen too often, but when they do, you don’t want to miss out. Some of the most memorable TDF Takeovers have happened at Social 25 Chicago, PRYSM Nightclub, Underground and The Trap House. Stay up-to-date with The DJ Firm DJ’s and schedules on our Instagram @thedjfirm!

TDF Takeover at Social 25 Chicago featuring Plan B Promo vs. The DJ Firm!

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Hello, New Year. I'll meet you on the dance floor.

On behalf of our entire TDF team we would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. We are truly grateful to every client, venue and company that has chosen to work with us, especially in a world filled with options. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to give you an experience that will last a lifetime!

It's Showtime...Come Find Us!

The DJ Firm offers only the best talent to our current and prospective clients. One reason our DJ line up is so strong is because they have had so many years of experience at many of Chicago’s hottest venues. We encourage everyone to come and check us out, LIVE. There’s no better way to ensure you’re locking in the right company for your wedding, corporate or private event, than by partying with The Firm! We are coming in hot for December and we’d love for you to join us!













What's on Your Wedding Playlist?


The DJ Firm can customize the music we play at your wedding or private event to include all of your favorite songs and genres! Here are 15 songs that are guaranteed to get your guests off their seat and onto their feet! After all, a case won is a dance floor packed, and The DJ Firm has a perfect record. Comment below what songs you love to hear at weddings!

  1. Hold On by Wilson Phillips

  2. Twist & Shout by The Beatles

  3. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

  4. Happy by Pharrell Williams

  5. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

  6. Billie Jean by Micheal Jackson

  7. Marry You by Bruno Mars

  8. Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox

  9. Jump Around by House of Pain

  10. The Locomotion by Little Eva

  11. Latch by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith

  12. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

  13. Let Me Clear My Throat by DJ Cool

  14. Apache (Jump on it) by Sugar Hill Gang

  15. My Boo by Ghost Town DJ


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The DJ Firm is preparing to debut it’s newest segment next month; TDF Radio! You’ll have access to the latest and most exclusive mixes created by some of the most talented DJ’s we know, and you’ll be able to enjoy these custom soundtracks at any time. DJ Sye Young has already been in the kitchen cooking up the first mix and we can’t wait for you to hear it! Stay tuned!


Venue Feature: VU Rooftop Bar

Photo: @vurooftop on Instagram

Photo: @vurooftop on Instagram

Photo: Eater Chicago

Photo: Eater Chicago

Look at that VU! VU Rooftop Bar is the newest hotspot on Chicago’s South side. Located at 133 E. Cermak Road and twenty-two floors up, you can enjoy patios full of fire-pits, three bars, a karaoke room and shared plates prepared by executive chef; Nolan Narut. Developed and operated by the same company as ROOF on theWit; Concentrics Restaurant Group, we are excited to see another rooftop space opening in Chicago! The DJ Firm is happy to partner with and provide the soundtrack for VU Rooftop Bar, so grab your friends and check it out!

DJ SYE YOUNG at VU Rooftop Bar opening night!

DJ SYE YOUNG at VU Rooftop Bar opening night!

Production Event Featuring Flo Rida


Although The DJ Firm specializes in providing top-notch DJ’s for all weddings, corporate events and private parties, we also offer production set-up for all event types. In this instance we teamed up with 103.5 Kiss FM and Hyatt Centric Hotels to offer an exclusive Flo Rida performance to some of 103.5 Kiss FM’s biggest listeners and as a way to promote the newest location of the Hyatt Centric Magnificent Mile. With our own in-house equipment, plus our own private team of tech guys, we are prepared to set-up for any event big or small. Contact us today!


On Deck DJ's; your DJ Connection


The DJ Firm prides itself on supporting all of the DJ talent Chicago has to offer. On Deck DJ’s is giving you another opportunity to connect with some of the best DJ’s in the Chicagoland area. If you’re looking to book a DJ for your wedding, corporate event or private party, they’ve also got you covered! Some of the DJ’s on their line-up include; DJ Swiss Kid, DJ Sho, and DJ Powers. With many years of experience in the private event and nightlife industry; they are ready to redefine your view of a great party!

Mixes on Mixes on Mixes

Pictured; DJ Heavy

Pictured; DJ Heavy

The DJ Firm is made up of some of the best talent you’ll find in the Chicago-land area. Each DJ brings their own unique style and creativity when it comes to mixing music live or when producing music independently. Our DJ’s provide soundtracks for many of your Chicago-based work-out classes you attend, clubs and bars you frequent and special events. We’ve had some inquires lately on where mixes can be found to listen to on your own time, so click the photos below to check them out!


This month DJ Heavy dropped some Throwback Thursday heat for Underground Chicago's podcast! DJ Heavy is "a perfectionist when it comes to mixing music. It's not only about picking the right songs, but mixing it the right way. I want to make it seamless, flawless." He's an expert when it comes to mixing and is easily one of Chicago's top DJ's! Click below to listen and click here to book DJ Heavy for your next event! #cautionitsheavy


Venue Feature: Concrete Cowboy Chicago


Concrete Cowboy Chicago is one of River North's latest hot-spots. Located at 646 N. Franklin St. this is the perfect place to go with friends on Throwback Thursdays, during the day to order food & catch a game or at night when it transforms into the best combination of sports bar and night club. Although the name is Concrete Cowboy and you can sometimes catch a mechanical bull on site for Sunday Funday; you will not hear country music. The DJ Firm books the DJ's and will keep you moving to your favorite Top 40, hip-hop and throwback jams. The reason we love Concrete Cowboy? The staff is amazing, the diverse crowd is fun and this isn't their first rodeo; you're guaranteed a good time! 

DJ SYE YOUNG can regularly be found spinning at CC! 

DJ SYE YOUNG can regularly be found spinning at CC! 

In the Mix with TDF

The DJ Firm loves to collaborate with other DJ's and artists! Check out the videos below of DJ Jem and DJ Heavy mixing live with DJ Illest during a "Lunch Mix w/iLLEST Special Guest Edition." If you like what you hear click here to check us out for your next wedding or corporate event! 

In the mix with DJ Jem!

In the mix with DJ Heavy!

Weddings, Production, Nightlife & Preschool Dances

DJ Lessons with Jem! 

DJ Lessons with Jem! 

The DJ Firm specializes in weddings, corporate events, production and nightlife, but occasionally show up and show out for the kids! This month we provided the soundtrack at a preschool dance for children ages 2-5 and their families. Parents participated in The Limbo, our littlest DJ's had an opportunity to practice their skills on the turntables and everyone belted out the words to their favorite "Frozen" songs. The DJ Firm truly does it all! 

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Broad Stripes & Bright Stars at Arlington Park


The DJ Firm's own, DJ Jem and DJ Sye Young, were pleased to provide the soundtrack for Arlington Park's annual Independence Day Fireworks Night this year! With an expected crowd of over 40,000 people TDF was ready to deliver the entertainment leading up to one of the best and longest fireworks display in Arlington's history! Thank you for rocking with The DJ Firm! 

Paolo Cascio Photography on Instagram: (@paolocasciophotography) Fireworks about to begin at Arlington Park Race Track!

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JEM is part owner of TDF, alongside SYE YOUNG.

JEM is part owner of TDF, alongside SYE YOUNG.

  1. My real name is Clarence, but everyone knows me by my middle name, Eric or Jem. 
  2. I got my first pair of turntables when I was 19; I hosted and threw college parties.
  3. My dad was a DJ, but he doesn't have a DJ name. He DJ'd house parties and parties in the Caribbean. 
  4. My family is from Belize.
  5. My favorite artist right now is Bruno Mars because he's a great performer. 
  6. I hate avocados. I used to hate tomatoes, but I can tolerate them now.
  7. I used to ride a motorcycle, I'd love to get one again, but my wife would kill me! 
  8. My wife inspires me to be better every day.
  9. I used to be a graffiti artist; I drew a self portrait of Sye Young, but we lost it.
  10. I played football all through middle school, high school and college; I played defensive tackle.
  11. I coached high school football for a year.
  12. I've lost over 100 pounds!
  13. However, my proudest moment was when my son was born.
  14. When asked what my dream is in life; I just want my son to be successful!
  15. I love movies! My favorite movie is Man on Fire, followed by, Armageddon and Independence Day. 
  16. My favorite drink is tequila and tropical Red Bull. My favorite tequila is Casamigos. 
  17. What keeps me up at night? My English Bulldog, Diego. He never stops barking!
  18. I'm really into Cross-Fit & Shred 415.
  19. The most annoying question I get asked while DJing is; What we got coming up next? 
  20. But I truly love what I do for a living and not everyone can say that!