*Please note: These mixes are a audio display of the DJs talent and ability.

We 100% customize our playlist for the event and the clients taste. 


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Sye Young

Carlington Young, CO-founder

Music and entertaining have always been combined passions for DJ Sye Young. Watching his uncle disc jockey in Jamaica, he learned not to choose between genres but to think about the personality of each track and the power of a DJs unique vibe to captivate the crowd. Visionary DJs White Shadow, Speed, and Flipside helped Sye come into his own as a larger-than-life entertainer. Sye transforms a night out into an all-body experience, leaving no genre or stylistic influence untouched. He holds residencies at the city’s top celebrity lounges, performs for high profile charity events, and hits the ones and twos across the country and abroad. 



Eric Sampson, CO-FOUNDER

Chicago’s Jem is one-of-a-kind. A rarity whose talents can only be described in one way: a cut above the rest! Jem has skyrocketed to the pinnacle of Chicago nightlife entertainment as one of the city’s most prolific DJs and mastermind producer. While a resident DJ for many of Chicago’s top-tier nightclubs, Jem has had the privilege of spinning all over North America in major cities such as Washington D.C., Miami, and Toronto. He has also performed for audiences that have included major artists such as Kanye West, LL Cool J, John Mayer, R. Kelly and several other international celebrities. With Jem's turntable skills that cut like a diamond, and precision live mixing, he is known for packing the dance floor and keeping it that way!




“I’m a perfectionist. When it comes to mixing music I study the crowd. It’s not only about picking the right song, but mixing it the right way. I want to make it seamless, flawless.”

As a child with a solid musical foundation built from the stacks on stacks of records in his father’s collection, DJ Heavy was captivated by the weekend DJs in Philadelphia. Mix show DJs such as Cosmic Kev, Doc B, Jazzy Jeff, and DJ AM ignited the spark he needed to craft his own style and sound, and the mix show DJ in Heavy did not disappoint. In 2009 DJ Heavy’s talents led him to join Clear Channel’s WSNX 104.5 Mixin’ Mafia team. “I’m not about slamming tracks, but striving to keep ‘mixing’ alive.” Heavy’s video DJ-ing also sets him apart from the rest—he is recognized not only for playing but also creating and editing his own music videos.



Although Charles Protégé comes from a long family line of musicians, it wasn’t until 2010, after graduating from DePaul's Law School, that he decided to actively pursue his passion for deejaying. As a testament to his innate skill set and charisma, in six short years Protégé has managed to become a night-life staple in not only his hometown of Chicago, but throughout the country.

Most recently, Protégé was added to the Chicago Based Radio Station 107.5 WGCI where he plays nights on the weekends 8pm -9pm. Protégé was tapped to entertain Sean “Diddy” Combs and his guests for his 2012 Labor Day Weekend pool party at The Palms hotel in Las Vegas. When Mark Cuban celebrated his birthday at Club Liv in Miami, Charles Protégé was there to provide the soundtrack as well. Although Protégé’s main residence is the Windy City, he has and continues to secure jobs for corporations such as Nike, Jordan, H&M, Macy’s, MBA Chicago Cubs, Bacardi USA, Revolt TV & VH1. 

His immeasurable diversity and in-depth knowledge of music in every genre from Hip Hop to House to EDM, coupled with his relatable personality and high energy, makes Protégé one of the most unique DJs on the scene. When Charles Protégé steps into the deejay booth, everyone in attendance leaves with a deeper understanding of the hashtag, #ipartiedwithprotege.   



Ricardo Samuels is a open format DJ born in Kingston, Jamaica. His nick name "Swiss Kid" was adopted from his clever and quick style of playing music. After coming to America at the age of six Ricardo’s horizons broadened and music just took to him. Having spent the latest period of his career in clubs, DJ Swiss Kid now fuses the scratching and juggling that set him apart from the rest with the blending techniques of a top club DJ. DJ Swiss Kd’s roots have hardly been lost in this pursuit, however. They show themselves in the hospitality with which he conducts every interaction, and the work ethic that refuses to let him settle for mediocre. He loves to make his clients feel special, and whether at a bar or club, charity event or wedding, he creates a fun and energetic report with the crowd.

“My favorite moments DJ-ing are hearing the music pound and hearing everything flow just right… it keeps my spirits up to see people celebrating and enjoying life.”

-Swiss Kid




Growing up in Chicago in the early 80’s and 90’s, Jose Alamillo fell in love with the sound of house music! He knew immediately he wanted to be a DJ, working with Sye, Jose started to push his skills further behind the 1s and 2s, and took the name DJ Sho.  He quickly became a pro at reading the crowd, incorporating every genre of music imaginable, and throwing legendary parties.


 “I love my life! I’m behind the decks at some of the sickest parties imaginable!  Clubs, bars, weddings, corporate events, I’ve done them all and individualized every event. I keep everyone dancing till they drop.” 


You won’t be disappointed with DJ SHO…  “It’s SHOwtime!”



A exhilarating versatile talent, DJ Kid Clay has learned that being just good isn't good enough. Putting in numerous hours a day, Kid Clay understands that you can never stop learning when it comes to your craft. From consistently practicing new blends, organizing music files, and studying the greats, it's no wonder his escalation in the music world has been a flight that seems to have no limit in altitude. Favoring music in its general sense, Kid Clay understands that music is a gift and must be used to make people enjoy themselves and add a dose of happiness to someones strenuous life.

Kid Clay grew up loving music and started collecting his catalog of music at an early age. His appreciation for all genres of music has allowed him to work not only with some of the premier night clubs, but with various corporate companies as well. While gaining the attention of some of the most reputable music talents in the industry, Kid Clay doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. He is most known for his unique personality and the way he is able to carry an audience. He believes that being humble, having a strong work ethic, and having a true love for what you do will lead to an endless road of opportunities.