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Pictured; DJ Heavy

Pictured; DJ Heavy

The DJ Firm is made up of some of the best talent you’ll find in the Chicago-land area. Each DJ brings their own unique style and creativity when it comes to mixing music live or when producing music independently. Our DJ’s provide soundtracks for many of your Chicago-based work-out classes you attend, clubs and bars you frequent and special events. We’ve had some inquires lately on where mixes can be found to listen to on your own time, so click the photos below to check them out!


This month DJ Heavy dropped some Throwback Thursday heat for Underground Chicago's podcast! DJ Heavy is "a perfectionist when it comes to mixing music. It's not only about picking the right songs, but mixing it the right way. I want to make it seamless, flawless." He's an expert when it comes to mixing and is easily one of Chicago's top DJ's! Click below to listen and click here to book DJ Heavy for your next event! #cautionitsheavy




The DJ Firm is lucky to have the talents of DJ Kid Clay on our team. Not only does he leave a lasting impression on the Chicago nightlife scene, but he can regularly be found rocking private events for corporations such as; the Chicago Cubs and Nike. Kid Clay understands that "you can never stop learning when it comes to your craft and that being just good; isn't good enough." We invite you to explore some of his work through his exclusive mixes-rock with Clay! 



The Underground Chicago is one of the city's most exclusive hot-spots in the nightlife scene. The collaboration between our DJ's and Underground started way before The DJ Firm even existed. Many of our Chicago-based DJ's have rocked Underground dating all the way back to 2006! This venue has always been a favorite of ours; mostly because of the energetic crowds, good vibes and the warm chocolate-chip cookies served late-night. Most recently we had an opportunity to collaborate with Underground in a different way; providing mixtapes made from scratch by our DJ's to showcase on Underground's weekly podcast. If you're looking for some mixes to motivate your work-out, get you through rush-hour or start your weekend--look no further!

(Click the photos below to link directly to the mixes created by our very own DJ HEAVY, DJ JEM, DJ SYE YOUNG & DJ DAILY; free on MixCloud and iTunes!)