The DJ Firm Story

From Big Boy Music to The DJ Firm, Carlington Young and Eric Sampson have come a long way since their early years on the Chicago DJ scene. You might know them as DJ Sye Young and Jem, owners of TDF.

Eric and Carl met in high school where their passion for music and DJing took off. They went from renting out venues to throw parties in college to being hired at some of Chicago's hottest venues. One of their first gigs was at Fitz's Pub in Elmhurst, IL back in 2003, now they can be found spinning all over the mid-west. 

Carl and Eric circa 2008.

Carl and Eric circa 2008.

In 2013, Carl decided to take his business to the next level and had a vision for something that would make an impact on the Chicago DJ industry. He teamed up with Eric and the two of them created The DJ Firm. Since 2013, they have rapidly expanded, not only in the nightlife industry, but in the wedding scene, event production and continue to make connections in the corporate world. They've hired on some of the most talented DJ's to join the TDF team and continue to lock-in new clients every day. 


The bottom line is; if you want your event executed, you want TDF.