The Top 5 Questions to Ask your DJ

DJ Heavy @roofonthewit cc: @themusictrust

DJ Heavy @roofonthewit cc: @themusictrust

How long have you been doing this professionally? 

You want to make sure your DJ has a history of packing dance floors, and keeping them packed before hiring them. Ask to come and see us prior to your event to get an idea of what to expect! 

What sets you apart from your competition?

We should have at least three solid responses. Our DJ's come from many different backgrounds and have unique talents that set them apart from each other. Let us sell ourselves to you!

How do you customize the music experience? 

Our main goal is to make this event perfect for you based on your preferences. After all, this is your soundtrack and we want to help create a memory that will last a lifetime! 

What do you do to prepare for a successful event?

We want to know what will put your mind at ease. We will meet with you prior to your event, check out the event space in advance and come prepared with our tech guys!

Why should we choose you?

That answer is simple for us, because we are TDF!